Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pre-Delivery: "My Water Just Broke!"

Saturday, July 9, Thomas went to the Museum for the day and Lauren had a packed day planned. She began by attending the Breastfeeding class from 9-12noon. Then, she satisfied her "beef" craving at Railhead--Yummy lunch! Finally, she was determined to conquer the back pain that followed her all week: Massage Envy, PreNatal massage (just the lower back).
As soon as the massage was complete, she stood up and her water broke. Gush.
Thomas received a "911" call at work and knew that it was "go time." Until he got there, Brandi was wonderful at keeping Lauren calm and secure.

 Lauren and Thomas stopped by Nathan and Tara's house to finalize DOG CARE plans...these photos were taken moments before driving to Baylor.
 Every year on Zach's birthday, he will wear this tie for a photograph. This was Grandpa Ed's tie, and Thomas wore it to work on July 9.
While waiting around for things to happen, the reminder that a little man would soon be checked out at the Infant Warming Station was great motivation!
JULY 9, 2011
At 3:10, Lauren's water broke.
At 4:20, we were in Triage at Baylor.
At 5:07pm, 3cm and 75% effaced
7:40pm, +5 minutes, 4cm
8:10pm, Epidural--after the "last cry contraction"
8:50pm, 5 cm
11:00pm, 10 cm, almost time to push
JULY 10, 2011
1:55pm, Zach is born!

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